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If you or someone you know is suffering from some form of addiction, then it’s likely a symptom of a bigger issue. Renova applies a biopsychosocial approach in order to provide holistic care for those suffering from addiction and their entire support system. Through empirically and practice-based evidence and experience, Renova provides unique and quality care for each of its residents. It’s never too late to reach out. Now might be the best time to ask for HELP.

This service is conducted in a private setting. Once the individual is finished with this process, they can merge over to the group activities.  We provide a nurturing approach, with an emphasis on education and empowerment to move forward. We are here to help patients put this phase of their life behind and start anew.

The Renova Addiction Program offers a comprehensive and integrative medical and holistic approach to alcohol and drug addiction. We offer individuals the opportunity to build their own treatment program for men looking for long term recovery.

The Renova Clinical Team is thrilled to offer a Comprehensive Collaborative Virtual Wellness Program that is easy to book online.  Over the years, many individuals have wanted to engage in groups, workshops, and individual counselling in the comfort of their homes, offices, hotels or cars.  The cost is significantly lower than in-patient treatment and has price-less benefits.

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