Integrative Medicine

How does Integrative Medicine help with Addiction?

Most individuals have experienced Traditional Medical Practices, and just as many have seen a Medical Doctor some time in their lives.  Today, many people are seeking Natural Remedies to complement their health and wellness or support physical maladies.  This is called Integrative Medical Services or Complementary Medical Practices.

Naturopathic Medicine, known as Naturopathy, is a complementary form of medicine that follows a holistic approach, where practitioners view the individual as not just a patient, but also as a whole person.

Integrative Medicine focuses on healing the whole person, rather than simply treating the symptoms of illness or disease. This works very well with the afflictions of addiction as the body and mind tend to be chemically altered by long-term use and determining a true evaluation of what is really happening for these individuals is really difficult and almost impossible when we treat the addiction with more drugs.

At Renova, we support an Integrated Medical team allowing the individual to apply the best of both worlds in their recovery and also allow for maximum healing potential. Integrative doctors educate the individual about their overall health. Patients have found amazing benefits from this increased self-awareness of both mind and body.

A Naturopathic Doctor and a Medical Doctor will jointly examine the individual’s current nutrition and lifestyle, and identify areas of the individual’s overall health that can be improved to bring the body back into balance.

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